About Us

Flash Records

Flash Records is an Israeli - Canadian music recording and producing studio. The studio was created in 2005, in Beer-Sheva, Israel by two friends Leon Kaslin and Daniel Guretski.

Leon and Daniel, had very different backgrounds, but at the same time they had one common passion, sound and music creation. They went through creating, recording and producing a variety of genres ranging from; classic music, indie rock, euro-dance, house, country, Hip-Hop and R&B. The demand for what they were doing was so high, that the studio had to expand the operations and add rehearsal rooms as well as a chroma-key video studio. In 2009 Daniel moved to live in Winnipeg, Canada.

After a while Leon and Daniel started to look for new ways to collaborate. As a result, the operations were diversified and two studios were created. A new recording & mixing studio in Israel and a mastering studio in Canada. That allows Flash Records to produce great music with high quality sound and collaborate with different artists all around the world.

Daniel experimenting with acoustics - 2018

Our old control room back in 2006