Order  Mastering

If you are happy with your final mix, we can take it to the next level and bring out the best of it.

Our mastering studio located in Winnipeg, Canada allows us to address imbalances in eq or compression you might of not heard in your environment.


There is one thing you need to know before sending your mix to us.

We believe that the key to a truly great end result is communication along the way. Sometimes we get songs, which are wonderful songs, but have some imbalances in the mix. The better your mix is, the better the master we can produce. For example, some instruments might be too loud and overlap the voice, or too much base on the kick that hides a base instrument.

So, if we hear something that might prevent us from making the great master, we will share it with you and politely ask whether it can be cleared up without any offence. Our goal is to bring the highest possible quality audio mastering to you.

How to send files

Once you order the service, we will send you a link to which you can upload the files


Our working days are Mon-Sat. Estimated return times are usually 5-10 days, do not include day of order confirmation, are based upon current workload at the time of order. If you require your order by a specific hard deadline please specify it in the order form.


There are a few organizational steps you need to take to prepare your project before sending files to us:


1.  Please, do not normalize the master bus, do not place a limiter, compressor, finalizer or mastering plugins on it.


2.  Make sure that a maximum output volume of the master bus is -3dbu at peak (no clipping please).


3.  Export the mixdown as a stereo WAV or AIFF file.

Export it in the same resolution as it was recorded. For example, if the session was recorded in 24bit 44.1Khz export the mixdown in 24bit 44.1Khz resolution.

Do not upsample or downsample.


4.  Upload the file. You can also include a reference material. Please make sure you are

referencing your mix with a song that has a similar style and sound to what you’re aiming for.