Vocal Tuning

Order  Vocal Tuning

Whether you're looking to fix a slight errors in pitch for one or multiple vocal tracks, we can do it. We can correct the mistakes of pitch, intonation and timing in a very natural way.


You send us vocal track(s) of a song that you are recording, along with a rough mix or a few instrumental tracks, which we will be using as a tuneup guideline.


What you get is a professionally tuned and timed vocal, with a natural transparency as if the singer had nailed it in one

How to send files

Once you order the service, we will send you a link to which you can upload the files.


Our working days are Mon-Sat. Estimated return times are usually 5-10 days, do not include day of order confirmation, are based upon current workload at the time of order. If you require your order by a specific hard deadline please specify it in the order form.


There are a few organizational steps you need to take to prepare your project before sending files to us:


1.  In your DAW, save your project as a separate file. Name it (for example) “Vocal tuning - FlashRecords”. Do not overwrite the original, existing project file.


2Very important! Remove any equalization, compression, panning, limiters / finalizer, reverb, delay and other effects from each track. If there are any effects that have been applied, we won’t be able to correct  pitch, intonation and timing.


3.  Please check all edit points throughout the song and make sure there aren’t any noticeable clicks or clips.


4Vocal tracks should be mono.


5.  Export each vocal track to an individual file (WAV or AIFF) as mono.

Important! Make sure each track is exported from the beginning of the session (start at the zero point), even if that means there is blank space in the beginning of each track. This way, everything will line up correctly when we import the files into DAW.


Export tracks in the same resolution as it was recorded. Do not upsample or downsample. For example, if the session was recorded in 24bit 44.1Khz, export the tracks in 24bit 44.1Khz resolution. (One more time, tracks should be mono and free of any effects.)


6.  Please make sure that each file has a descriptive name (e.g. main_vocal, back_vocal1, back_vocal2, e.t.c).


7.  Mute all vocal tracks in the mix and export the mix to an MP3 file. So that we have a reference track to tune the vocal with. Make sure that the mix is exported from the beginning of the session (same as for the vocal tracks).


8.  After all the tracks are exported, add them to a folder, label the folder as the song name, and then compress the folder to a ZIP file.


9.  Upload the files.